Terrorists Raid Drama

There are many irregularities in the operation of terrorist raid in Solo today. What is this? The last few days back people were shocked by the arrest and shooting of terrorist operations. Last week, a dozen people were arrested in the area of Housing, which is only about 2 kilometers from the headquarters of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN). Wednesday afternoon and then (12 / 5) a group of people were arrested in Cikampek, West Java, killing two people among them. Several hours later, three terrorist suspects are also buffeted by the hot tin and killed when police got out of the taxi in the street crowd Sutoyo Siswomihardjo, Cililitan region, South Jakarta.

Funnel through the mass media, the police said that they were terrorist suspects. New police initially said that they were involved in the case of terrorists who were arrested and didor Aceh two months ago. Later, the police said they were also involved in the case of the Marriott bombing and bombing the Australian Embassy. Even one of the suspects who reportedly shot the police are Umar Patek, one of the perpetrators of Bali I bombers, which had been reported killed in the Philippines.

Today, Thursday (13 / 5) the police was already in motion to Solo, including a field commander Muhammad Syafei Densus 88 Kombes which until yesterday afternoon was still operational. The Kombes also had the chance to give clue to our reporting team that, "There will be volcanic eruption on the Solo." In Solo, the police apparently arrested three suspects, captured somewhere, then stormed a house garage. This is where police found a M-16, pistols, bullets, and the books of jihad (!) ... Hmmm ... nian police alert us.

But there are interesting in a terrorist raid in Solo this time. Because, before the raid, the police had held brieffing first and necessary preparations in a diner. In place at the curb too-new-they wear bulletproof vests after throwing threw briefly in between them, put a belt, head cover, firearms and other preparations. Some residents who had watched them passing show of force, and marveled that surprised to see that all preparations. "Well, Iki Densus 88 yo, mas, Christianity ... crazy," said one resident.

Pre event of engagement very open like this of course is rarely seen in the previous raid. On-the raid before the raid, the police usually have to wear full battle and go to the location at night or early morning. Meanwhile, in preparation for the event this morning, the sun had begun to warm in the neck. When it is actually several print and electronic journalists have started to arrive at the diner. Unfortunately they did not dare to take this historic momentum.

Well, after all members of the field wearing a neat equipment, they then got into the car and immediately move. Just move a moment suddenly Densus 88 cars were stopped. The members surrounded the field moved around the site and then entered the house that used to be the garage. The journalists who followed them up in haste with surprise. They did not think the house that close targets. Did you know how many meals away from home again? Only 200 meters, and is obvious from this restaurant!

So raid that is not funny drama that ensued. The reporters could be closer to the scene even to the garage door had been. 88 Densus members that could take pictures at close range. They had made no effort to prevent or prohibit, they also did not expel the journalists. The officers let the television cameraman to take images up to the door of the house, and could take a picture when Densus members 88 are in one room.

In the tape of the television cameraman, Blue reporter / cameraman Metro TV and Ecep S Yasa, from TV-One looks given the privilege to take pictures beforehand from other journalists. Yet they also had sent out first, "Hold-whoa, not yet ready," said a member of Densus 88. The reporters had to wonder, what's so not ready. But when allowed to enter, the reporters saw that the evidence was laid out on the floor.

A very interesting, which is common for journalists covering the arrest of the terrorists, it was clear from their body language, that the members Densus 88 did not show signs of stress that causes adrenaline surged. They seemed more relaxed than when they menggerebeg previous terrorist suspects. In fact they show a strange excitement when another thumbs-up, high-fiving and so forth, after otherwise successful surgery.

Strange behavior also appear when the officers including 88 Densus their field commanders, Muhammad Syafei Kombes come to the house's garage and want were photographed by reporters, even in close-up position. Though he's been known for most allergic to the camera reporters. Do not hesitate to deadly he told reporters cameras or deleting images there himself.

Even more complete ineptness when some residents acknowledge that the actual workshop the day before the house was visited by a number of sturdy-looking man, who according to residents is the police .... "Yes, they looked like they were, mas ...," they said.

So what does all this mean?

This paper is a record of a TV journalist

Source : note fecbook

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