Download 7 Ebook Free Tutorial Wordpress

Wordpress is one of the blogging platform the most widely used, including the ICT Learning. In addition to a free and fairly easy to use, WordPress also offers a lot of plugins that will enhance the features of WordPress. Below I summarize 7 ebook about WordPress that you can download for free.

1. How to Create a Secure Wordpress Install

In accordance with its title, this ebook discusses about how to install and make your Wordpress more secure from attack cracker.
Download: wordpress-modsecurity-paper.pdf

2. Launching a WordPress Blog

Launching a WordPress Blog This ebook discusses the basics of WordPress, ranging from installing Wordpress, installing plugins and themes, do the basic configuration, and so on.

Download: Launching a WordPress Blog PDF

3. Wordpress SEO for Beginners
This ebook discusses the basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.


4. SEO for WordPress Blogs
This ebook is about how to optimize your wordpress to get a good ranking from search results.

Download: seo-for-wordpress-blogs-blizzard-internet-marketing.pdf

5. How to Design a WordPress Theme
This ebook discusses about how to create a theme for wordpress.


6. How to Slice a WordPress Theme
This ebook is a continuation of the ebook How to Design a WordPress Theme.


7. How to Code a WordPress Theme
This is the third part of the ebook that discussed how to create a wordpress theme.


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